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Are You Ready to Train Your Voice?
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Hello, my name is Kevin Richards and I am the founder and creator of The Vox Shop. As well as being a respected and world renowned vocal coach, I have created a series of at-home singing lessons and vocal courses for singers of all music genres. Although I am mainly teach Rock, Pop and Metal singers at my studio in New York City, the vocal techniques laid out in all my programs will work for vocalists who sing R&B, Country, Soul, Jazz and even Classical.

We here at The Vox Shop understand that personal voice instruction can be very expensive and if you can find a good vocal coach in your area, they may not even teach the style of singing you like. Easy-to-use singing courses that you follow at home are now available at a fraction of the cost of private voice lessons! Voice training you can apply to your singing immediately!

While nothing compares with getting personalized singing lessons with a great teacher, at-home voice lessons offer you the opportunity to learn at your own pace and without all that traveling!

The Vox Shop is a specialty website for singers bringing together the best vocal training resources on the market such as how-to-sing and vocal warm up CDs, throat sprays and breath training gear to help you reach your best singing potential.

Check out our new section called "Vocal Coach Approved" where we give hands-on reviews of live performance gear for singers. Learn what singers products will help you sound your very best on stage, in the studio or even at the local Karaoke bar.

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