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Rock Singing Course
Kevin Richards

Introducing "Breathe", the world's first truly effective training course for breath support.

In my many years of training singers all over the world, the #1 issue almost every singer who trains with me has is poor breath support and a weak diaphragm.

The voice is a wind instrument - it needs air to produce sound - it also needs to be relaxed to work with stability, flexibility and stamina. Unfortunately most of us have forgotten how to make sound this way. Believe it or not - we all used to know how!

Can you remember ever losing your voice as a child from just using it? We could play, yell, scream, sing for hours on end and our voices never tired or went raspy. Why? We were all born making the right way, but as we enter adulthood, we lose that ability because we start socialize more and play at the playground less.

"Breathe" takes you step-by-step back to making sound like you did as a child. No holding your breath or hissing for 60 seconds - that simply doesn't work. "Breathe" uses something called "relative training", where you train in a way that is relative to what you'll be doing - singing. No wasted time or effort.

I see amazing results in my students in just a few weeks - and so will you.

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