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Kevin Richards

Kevin Richards is one of the most successful and well respected Rock & Pop vocal teachers in the world. With past & present students ranging from American Idol finalists, Broadway singers to major recording artists, Kevin has carved a unique niche among Rock, Pop & Metal singers/musicians all over the world.

With a career spanning over 20 years, Kevin has sang to countless thousands of people and worked with artists from Autograph, TNA, Dokken, Twisted Sister, Belladonna, Sun Red Sun and with students from all over the world.

Kevin learned a lot about being onstage, not only by toiling away on the local club circuit averaging 150 shows per year, but while touring the Far East and Europe as lead singer in his rock band 'Eleventh Hour'. A tour that was highlighted by an appearance at an outdoor music festival in Seoul, Korea in front of 15,000 Rock music lovers. "You learn what works and what doesn't work pretty quickly with that many shows, in front of that many people; it ended up being a great classroom and proving ground for me." says Kevin.

"I want to help singers and musicians deliver the best performances they can by delivering a great show night after night. Very few people out there teach that.

With this multi-layered background under his feet, Kevin definitely has something to offer other performers who simply want to be better, vocally and professionally. Of his teaching credentials kevin says "I've learned the importance experience plays in teaching others to do what I do. There are too many so-called vocal "coaches" out there who have proven out what they teach. People putting themselves in a position of teaching others how to perform, when they themselves have never proven they can sing 90min a night, four times a week. I bring not only voice technique knowledge to the table, but I add years of actual performing experience on top of that to offer a unique perspective on live singing. I don't want to just teach you how to sing well, I want to show you how to be a great performer".


Kevin was awarded the coveted "Subject Matter Expert" by the #1 community for singers, "The Modern Vocalist". He is very honored to be included into such a noble group of voice teachers.

Kevin founded 'Rock the Stage' in 2008 where he teaches voice and stage performance. He is also a co-founder of "Rock & Roll Boot Camp", an intensive, weekend program of seminars, master classes and one-on-one instruction in Rock & Roll for musicians and performers of all ages.

Kevin currently has the third most watched channel on YouTube for singers and has amassed over 6,000 subscribers in just over 2 years.

2010 saw the release of "Breaking the Chains: The Ultimate Rock Singer's Vocal Course", Kevin's groundbreaking 2 CD vocal program geared for the Rock/Metal vocalist. Kevin says about the program; "No other singing course out there is made specifically for Rock singers. A wide hole in voice instruction has now been filled with my singing course."

In January 2011 Kevin released "Vocal Fire: A Rock Singer's Warm Up" with programs like "I Wanna Rock: A Beginners Course" and "The Zen of Breathing" soon to follow in 2014.

Kevin says: "2014 is going to be a very busy year for me with these new vocal course releases. I feel there is a huge market out there being ignored - today's Rock singer. There are plenty of vocal courses out there for lighter styles of singing like Pop, Jazz, R&B, and Country but nothing out there specifically targeted for the full blown Rock & Metal singer. My breathing program will be the first of its kind geared toward teaching singers specifically the proper way to support their voices to sing the heavier styles of music. It is really a lost art in teaching."