Singing Courses for Singers and Vocalists of Rock, Pop, Metal, Classical

Rock Pop Metal Singing Program Course

Breaking the Chains

The Ultimate Rock Singing Program

This is our cornerstone product. This program contains some of the same techniques and exercises used by many Gold and Platinum selling Rock/Pop/Metal artists as well as thousands of aspiring singers.

The Breaking the Chains Program is available as a physical CD version or a download digital version. Each version contains the equivalent of two audio CDs, an 80 page E-Book with diagrams of the voice, information on breathing, how we create sound and helpful hints so you get the most out of the program.

Breaking the Chains is packed with over 2 hours of instruction! More Info

Vocal Warm Up Program

Vocal Fire

Ultimate Warm Up for Singers & Public Speakers

A vocal warm up is essential to maintaining your singing, or even speaking voice, over the course of your lifetime. Professional singers have known for hundreds of years that properly preparing the voice before a performance is the only way to inspire confidence and reach a true emotional connection with an audience. Singers, seminar speakers and even politicians can benefit from a simple vocal warm up that takes just minutes a day. This download only program includes lots of "on the go" exercises you can do anywhere, anytime. Includes a 40min video with demonstrations of all the program exercises plus even more tips and bonus exercises!

Vocal Fire is packed with 90 minutes of instruction! More Info

Vocal Course Combo

Super Combo Pack - Vocal Fire & Breaking the Chains

Both programs together in one easy digital download

This special package contains both the singers warm up program "Vocal Fire" and our flagship voice instruction course "Breaking the Chains". The combo deal contains everything included in each vocal program but at a discounted price of just $100.00. You save over $30.00 buying both together!

Buy this special pack and also receive a bonus digital E-book "Improve Your Voice in 90 Days"

Download Version Only $100.00

Vocal Course Combo

Combo Pack #2 - Breaking the Chains CD & Skype Lesson

Physical CD course and one 30min Skype lesson

This special package contains our flagship voice instruction course "Breaking the Chains" in CD format plus one 30min Skype internet lesson. Get personal coaching from Kevin Richards so you know you're doing the program correctly and have the opportunity to ask any questions about singing.!

Buy this special pack and also receive the bonus E-book "Improve Your Voice in 90 Days"

Download Version Only $135.00