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Breaking the Chains Rock Vocal Course

Singers! What could you do with an extra full octave of amazing, powerful vocal range? How about incredible high notes without strain? It is NOW possible!

I don't care how long you've been singing... 1 day or 15 years.

I don't care if you're an ace at reading sheet music, or you don't know the first note on the music staff. And I especially don't care if you're friends & family think you're wonderful...None of that stuff matters!

I feel your pain. Maybe you've tried the "Success" method or any other number of at-home singing courses and found them either too boring, too long or old fashioned sounding. You've scoured bookstores, the internet or searched YouTube for hours trying to find something that will answer the one question that has haunted you for years -"Why am I not the singer I want to be?" You've done everything that you can... but there's still something holding you back.

This course will ignite your singing skills beyond what you can imagine... Trust me, no other vocal course available - for Rock vocalists or otherwise - is this comprehensive and designed to give to maximum results without all the nonsense of trying to put you in some kind of "vocal style box" or loading you down with lots of "lip rolls". I get straight to the "good stuff".

Did you know?...

most at-home vocal courses are designed by Musical Theater, Jazz, Classical or Speech Level Singing teachers?
with power and intensity in the low, middle AND upper ranges. Singing music like that takes training with specific techniques to give you that kind of attention grabbing voice. But don't think my course will only teach you how to belt, scream or sing into the stratosphere - even though it will - "Breaking the Chains" will allow you to sing ANY style of music.

This isn't a "one size fits all" method that makes every sound the same. This vocal course contains proven, time tested methods that work with any style of singing. I'm not teaching a style, I'm teaching vocal technique.

Why listen to me? Good question.

I could tell you all sorts of wonderful and true stories I suppose, about how I have performed for crowds of thousands of people, toured the Far East and Europe, worked as a vocal arranger for major label artists, trained American Idol finalists and have taught 14 year olds who put far more experienced singers to shame but... Would you really care?

I hope not. Because none of that matters. This is about YOU. Not me.
What matters is that YOU benefit from a comprehensive, ZERO 'guesswork' singing course.

"Breaking the Chains - The Ultimate Rock Singing Program"

Here is some of what I teach in this singing program:

  • Two stunning techniques that make your voice appear louder and edgy without extra effort
  • My accelerated, fast-track method to conquering the mysterious "mix" - this is the hardest area to train but can be licked if you know the secret "sweet spot" in your voice!
  • The secret to "erasing" your break through proper support. Never flip into falsetto again. Sing as high as you want - in full voice... I chop a clear path through all the clutter and nonsense about the mechanics of singing in easy to learn and remember ideas.
  • The one mistake even professional singers make, that drains vocal energy and power!

This amazing program includes 2 audio CDs with over 30 exercises, an 80 page E-book with a ton of even more information on vocal technique, your body, how you make sound, vocal terminology, how to breathe and more!

It's a complete course, that reveals my entire proven method, step-by-step. You get over $2500 worth of lesson time with this system (but you won't pay this much).

physical version download version

CD 1 - Chest Voice & Mixed Voice

Press Play For A Sound Sample from CD #1

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Chest & Mixed Voice are the foundation of your entire vocal range. Many courses neglect these very important areas for some unknown reason - but I don't!We'll go through specific, targeted exercises to create strong and powerful chest & mixed voices that set a solid foundation for the rest of your singing range. Don't make the big mistake so many other singers o in thinking your chest voice isn't important - it is. 90% of all Rock singing is done in the chest voice & mixed voice so proper development of both these areas is crucial to a well rounded singing voice.

The price of the course is worth it just for this CD alone!

CD 2 - Head Voice & Applications

Press Play For A Sound Sample from CD #2

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This the whole ball of wax for Rock singers. I get so many people asking me about how to sing properly in adducted head voice that I have devoted an entire CD just to this one specific area. Nothing defines a Rock singer more than a wailing, face melting head voice. Singers like Robert Plant, Bruce Dickinson, Axl Rose, Steve Perry, Myles Kennedy, Steven Tyler, Pat Benatar are defined by their very powerful head voice notes. CD 2 contains some of the very same techniques they used to create those incredible voices.


Here is just some of things covered in this special CD.

But that's not all!

You also get my fully illustrated 80 page E-Book

Download a Sample PDF sample page

Breaking the Chains Full Program - Physical VersionBreaking the Chains - Full Program (Physical Version)
This is my cornerstone product. You will receive the physical Breaking the Chains program complete with our newly remastered world-famous vocal training system. This is the exact same program used by many Gold and Platinum selling Rock/Pop/Metal artists as well as thousands of aspiring singers. The Breaking the Chains Program DOWNLOAD contains 2 Audio CDs and the 80 page E-Book to help you get the most out of the program.

SALE - $85.00
Breaking the Chains Full Program - Physical VersionBreaking the Chains - Full Program (DOWNLOAD Version)
The Breaking the Chains Program DOWNLOAD is exactly the same as the physical version above, but in a quick and easy download. You don't pay extra for shipping and you can begin working with the program right away. The Breaking the Chains Program DOWNLOAD contains the equivalent of 2 Audio CDs in MP3 format, and the 80 page E-Book to help you get the most out of the program.

SALE - $75.00
Breaking the Chains & Vocal Fire Combo - DOWNLOAD VersionBreaking the Chains & Vocal Fire Warm Up (Digital Download Combo)
Now you can get both vocal course programs at once for a special low price. You get everything that is included in both Breaking the Chains and Vocal Fire programs in one easy download.

Only $100.00
Breaking the Chains CDs & Skype LessonBreaking the Chains CDs & 30min Skype Lesson

This special package contains our flagship voice instruction course "Breaking the Chains" in CD format plus one 30min Skype internet lesson. Get personal coaching from Kevin Richards so you know you're doing the program correctly and have the opportunity to ask any questions about singing.!

Buy this special pack and also receive the bonus E-book "Improve Your Voice in 90 Days"

Only $135.00