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The Zen of Breathing

Ultimate Breath Support Workout for Singers & Public Speakers

The #1 most under developed area of nearly every singers voice is proper breath support. Your voice is a wind instrument so it only makes sense that knowing how to breathe properly is the first step in developing a great voice. Consistent airflow and breath compression are the keys to unlocking a balanced, powerful singing or speaking voice. Thought you knew how to breathe? Think again.

The Zen Breathing will the first singing course in the world dealing exclusively with breath support for the modern singer. Coming Summer 2014

I Wanna Rock!

The Beginners Guide to Singing Rock, Pop & Metal

The first in the "R.P.M" Vocal Series of vocal programs "I Wanna Rock" will be revolutionary in its approach and change the way contemporary vocal programs will be created in the future.
How you say?'s a secret for now, but trust us it will be really cool.

I Wanna Rock! will be geared for singers without any formal vocal training or professional singing experience. This powerful step-by-step training program will get you started singing the right way to handle any kind of contemporary music. Coming Fall 2014

The Singers Vault

World's Largest Library of Vocal Exercises

This archive library will be first of its kind anywhere in the world. You will gain access to a massive collection of vocal scales and exercises; grouped and arranged by voice type: Bass, Baritone, Tenor, Alto, Soprano and Mezzo. Included will be long lost exercises from the 18th & 19th centuries which is considered the golden age of voice training.

The Singer's Vault will be a monthly subscription service with new scales & exercises added monthly.
Coming Winter 2014